IP Cortex

IP Cortex, a fantastic product and one of our best selling IP Telephone Systems due it its large feature list, simple set up and no additional user licence costs.


Read on to see the highlights of IP Cortex benefits, or click here to view and download the IP Cortex brochures.

why the VoIPCortex IP PBX?

With cost effective solutions available for SMBs and enterprise, the VoIPCortex IP PBX harnesses the benefits of convergence technology without sacrificing reliability.


Benefits include:

  • Advanced functionality. All VoIPCortex units include advanced functionality as standard, bringing enterprise grade features to businesses both large and small.

  • Scalable to suit 2 – 2000 users. With a comprehensive auto provisioning platform and no artificial licence- based limitations, adding a new user is as simple as plugging in a new phone, and configuring via the intuitive web-based interface.

  • Increased reliability. All VoIPCortex IP PBX units are compatible with both IP trunks and ISDN lines to remove single point of failure.

  • Flexible implementation. Choose the most suitable medium for calls – ISDN, IP trunk or analogue.

  • High call quality. Ensure that calls remain high quality by routing calls through ISDN or analogue lines.

  • Reduced call costs. Route some or all calls over IP trunks to reduce call costs. Internal calls are free with suitable network connectivity.

  • Remote/home working. Users can operate as though within the office – making and receiving calls under the office number, with access to voicemails, faxes and more.

  • Lower implementation costs. The IP PBX uses existing network infrastructure to greatly reduce implementation costs.
  • Freedom of choice. The VoIPCortex IP PBX is compatible with a wide range of handsets for different applications, environments and budgets.

  • Instantly familiar and usable. While VoIP handsets facilitate advanced functionality, they also provide a familiar interface to enable the workforce to adapt quickly to the new system.

  • Unified communications. Includes fax to email and voicemail notification functionality, and supports CTI through the TAPI module.
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