Digital Windows

The days of static window displays are dying out. Instead, property agents are waking up to technology that offers a flexible and dynamic new way to build their business. Digital screen displays attract clients into your branch and present them with stimulating, up to date information. The beauty of the system is your ability to put pretty much anything you want to on screen ñ more pictures, more selling points, more properties.

Advantages over traditional screens:-

  • Completely flexible design, unlimited images and details
  • Eye Catching animation
  • Video
  • No Printing Costs, saves toner and time
  • Large Format
  • Easily updated
  • Can be intergraded into a database
  • Centrally controlled
  • What we Offer:
  • Windows based PC player solution.
  • An Optical rear Projection display designed to work in daylight
  • Projector, Mounted out of the way on the ceiling
  • Complete Support
  • Remote based Management
  • Lcd display in front of house for people waiting
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