Laser Networks

Pico Next is a member of GeoDesyís nextTM series compact Free Space Optical (FSO) wireless communication systems. It provides reliable and secure point-to-point wirespeed Fast Ethernet connectivity from 20 to 200 meters. Due to the light weight and size of nextTM products, they are ideal for both indoor or outdoor application. All nextTM series products feature a Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface with advanced Anypower technology, which allows operation from standard PoE or HighPoE power sources. NextTM systems integrate an enhanced device management platform. Remote monitoring of the equipment through a standard web browser or SNMP manager. Because they use infrared light as a transmission medium, GeoDesy FSO systems do not require frequency licenses. The transmission is not effected by electro-magnetic interference. Due to the concentrated laser beam the nextTM products provide superb security, fulfilling the highest requirements.
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