Contact Centre

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Everyone has a computer and a telephone. Our CTI solutions is about making both office tools work together.


  • Use your computer to dial, hold, and transfer phone calls
  • Highlight a phone number in any of your computer applications and get your telephone to dial it
  • Call contacts on your computer by simply clicking the name or number
  • See who is calling before answering

Desktop SMS

SMS delivers lower costs and increased productivity to your business. SMS Messages are quick to send and convenient to recieve. People usually read them as soon as they arrive. SMS can be used in all kinds of ways, like keeping in touch with your staff or reminding your customers of appointments. Best of all its much cheaper to send a SMS than it is to make a call to a mobile phone.

Call Recorder

Call recording protects your company, your customers and your staff. By recording all calls you know what exactly was said, by whom and when. This means disputes and queries can be settled on the facts of the case. Reviewing recorded calls is a great way of providing feedback and training to your team, which leads to better productivity and improved customer service.

Progressive Dialler

Progressive diallers increase the productivity of people who make outbound telephone calls. It also provides comprehensive management reporting, so that calling work can be better managed. By automating the process of dialling calls, users spend less time managing their “call lists” and more time talking to customers. With automation also comes reporting and with reporting comes management control.

Predictive Dialler

Predictive diallers increase the productivity of people who make outbound telephone calls to consumers. Consumers are often out when you call them. The adaptive predictive dialler finds people who answer the phone, so your people spend more time talking and less time listening to a ring tone.

Web Assist

Web assist is designed to help your company do more business over the web. Many Companies have a web presence that attracts lots of visitors. Adaptive Web Assist helps you to turn visitors into customers. Using Web Assist, you can offer web visitors two forms of assistance. Your site can display a “call me” button that enables the visitor to request a telephone call-back , either immediately or scheduled for a future time and date. You can also offer your visitors the opportunity to talk to your users using interactive web chat.
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